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1 x Ultra Pet Tag, Standard-Size1 x Ultra Pet Tag, Standard-Size1 x Ultra Pet Tag, Standard-Size1 x Ultra Pet Tag, Standard-Size

1 x Ultra Pet Tag, Standard-Size

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Product Description

This is for dog owners who want a pet ID tag that is, to all intents and purposes, indestructible. Designed not to come off the collar accidentally. Guaranteed for 10 years*.
key features of the "ultra" tag
- Tag features a screw-gate "quick link" (unique amongst pet tags) which means it cannot be stretched open like a split ring. It is a very strong link that can only be opened with a tool once it has been sealed with threadlock.
- Unbendable in normal use.
- Stiff aluminium bar to which the tough stainless steel tag is bolted and fixed. Bolt is peened so the nut cannot come off.
- Embossed lettering on tag means it will always be readable.
- 31g weight is not a burden. This is less than the weight of 3 x £2 coins.
- Approx 8mm of 3.2mm thick metal metal between the tag hole and the tag edge. This means it will last for many years, even when attached to very active dogs. This is a lot of metal to wear through.
- A 3.5mm thick, zinc-plated steel (screw-barrel closing) "quick link" for connecting the tag to the pet collar. This will not wear through and it cannot be opened once it has been sealed with thread lock fluid (included), except by using a spanner or wrench. This means the tag will stay on the pet as long as the collar remains in sound condition. Most tags employ cheaper split rings which will wear though on energetic animals over time causing loss of tag.
- 4 lines of text can be accommodated on the tag, with 11 characters per line, including spaces. Room for the ID essentials: contact phone number, postcode & house number
- Guaranteed for 10 years subject to T&Cs*.
The text will be embossed left-justified only. An 8" length of welded stainless chain is available as an optional extra for the collar to pass through which provides an additional layer of security to guard against collar failure. Tags will be sent in a plastic protective pouch.
* Tags must be returned to us before the end of the warranty period to be covered by our guarantee. If the tags have been abused then this warranty will not apply. Please note that we cannot replace tags that have been lost. We can only replace tags under guarantee that are heavily worn, or otherwise defective, and which are therefore likely to fail within the guarantee period. Our guarantee does not cover the attachment ring that is supplied as part of the collar. For full terms & conditions, please click here.
Ref: P_Ultra_Std Manufactured by: 10STERLING

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