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2 x 2.0\" Stainless Steel Single Tags & 2 x Ball Chains10STERLING gift packaging

2 x Stainless Steel 2.0" Single Tags & 2 x Ball Chains

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5 out of 5 stars (5 Customer Reviews)

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Product Description

This is 2 x SINGLE men's US-army specification (2.0" x 1.125") stainless steel dog tags, each with a full length main chain. This is a good value way of getting 2 SINGLE tags with chains. This isn't, therefore, the same as the traditional double dog tag set, which is here.
With this product both chain lengths need to be the same, but are available in any length, 18" - 30" (46cm - 76cm). Both steel dog tags can be engraved* and each tag can have DIFFERENT text. There's room for 5 lines of text with 15 characters per line, including spaces. Both our stainless steel dog tags and stainless ball chains are manufactured in the USA, for quality, and sourced direct. While the tags are polished, the chain is not polished and has a satin finish.
In this double set, each tag is given a single polish in our Windsor workshop to create a shiny finish: its not quite as highly polished as our thick tags (which are polished twice) but it's a near-mirror finish which looks great. The polishing also makes the dog tag silky smooth and it feels great next to your skin. Each tag can be either plain or personalised with up to 5 lines of text (note all letters are CAPITALISED) and 15 characters per line, incl spaces. That's 75 characters per tag. This is a perfect dog tag for practical contact information, romantic or fun messages or medical information.
Each tag is 0.3mm thick in the middle and 0.6mm thick round the outside.This means they're strong but also lightweight. Worn next to the skin they'll last forever and look good for a very long time. For heavier tags please check out our 2.0" silver dog tags (1.0mm thick) or our double-thick stainless tags (1.2mm thick). Each chain is a break-in-the-middle style 3.2mm-thick stainless steel ball chain with a no-nonsense military tube connector for years of trouble-free use. Note, these chains are designed to break when yanked hard to save the wearer from injury: this is a good feature in something that goes around your neck. Just make sure no one 'yanks yer chain' and it'll give years of trouble-free service. Note, the chains are not polished.
Each tag is delivered in a free protective plastic pouch. Other packaging options are available including 2 x 10STERLING-branded black-fabric pouch. If you'd like 2 x gift-boxex (no fabric pouch) please choose from either a black & silver gift box or, to really impress, 2 x luxury high-gloss wooden gift boxes. See pictures opposite. Please click on the "Gift Box" option below to make your choice. 
DESPATCH of this handmade product is usually within 7 (seven) working days (i.e. Mon-Fri). DELIVERY is usually 1-2 working days after despatch in the UK. Need it urgently? Please email us and we'll tell you what's possible. Click Product Care to see details of secure tracked delivery, available in the UK.
Note: we'll make each tag based on what text is entered below. Blank lines will appear blank on the tag: if one tag is to be plain, just leave all the text fields empty.
The chain length thats's selected below will apply to both tags. Any gift packaging that's selected will be 2 units: e.g. selecting card boxes means we'll send 2 card boxes, one for each tag & chain.
* all our dog tags are embossed, which means no metal is removed
Try out your chosen words with our live tag preview. The lines you choose will be the lines on the tags where text is placed. The Text menu below (left / centred / right) tells us only how you want the text laid out (horizontal alignment) on the lines you've chosen; it does NOT alter the vertical position of the lines which means that the lines on which you place text above will be the lines on which text appears on the tag: if you've put text on Line 2 above then it'll appear on Line 2 of the tag. For plain polished tags please leave this blank. The tag preview only works for the first tag. You can, however, use this to see how the other tag will look. When you've worked out what words you'd like, enter the text for the first tag in the top part and the text for the second tag in the part that says "Lower Tag / Side 2". All letters are capitalised, LIKE THIS. Lower-case letters are not available.
When you're ready to purchase, click "Add to Basket". The letters & symbols you've typed will be added to your order & your 2 stainless steel tags will be made. Use the 'Text' layout selector below to tell us how you want the text on each line laid out. Please note, selecting this won't change the appearance of what you type into the live tag preview but it is captured for inclusion in your order. If you don't choose a text position we'll arrange the words in the way that looks best. If you require a special layout, e.g. with unusual spacings in some of the lines, please email us at help@10sterling.com and we'll tell you what's possible.


Ref: Lge_CBStSt Manufactured by: 10STERLING

Product Reviews

Product Reviews
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars Friday 23 November, 2012 By Richard c
A solid product, does what it says on the tin! Would recommend to all.
5 out of 5 stars Friday 03 August, 2012 By Patrick, London
Item arrived safely and promptly thanks. Very nice dog tag.
5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 21 March, 2012 By Christopher Cheyne - See all my reviews
Really great service, dog tag arrived very quickly and was great quality! Definitely will be coming back for more... They make great gifts :)
5 out of 5 stars Monday 03 October, 2011 By Helen Robinson
Dog Tag is perfect!!!! Many thanks also for best service I have ever received, bar none!
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 09 June, 2011 By Zuhra H
Hi thank you for the dog tag and the engraving on it is brilliant... Im really happy with it :)
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