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How we got started

Back in 2010 I wanted a personalised sterling silver dog tag pendant to identify me in case I was knocked off my road racing bike: I did not fancy lying unloved and "unclaimed" in the local Accident & Emergency unit. But I could not find one and that's how the business started. We believe personalisation and fun work well with dog tags - please click here to see examples for words you can put on yours to make the wearer laugh, cry, smile, snigger or feel loved.
Once we had a range of dog tags it seemed a good idea to add other quality jewellery men's and women's jewellery including leather bracelets for men & women, men's titanium rings, men's silver chains, cuff links etc.

Our Business Philosophy

At 10STERLING, we have a very straightforward philosophy: we ONLY sell jewellery products that we would want to buy and wear ourselves. This applies whatever the price. If a product is not good enough for us then it will not be good enough for our customers and so we will not offer it on our website. Simple.
Every product we sell is well-made and good value for money. We have zero tolerance for poor quality or poor value. We stand behind every product on our site: our dog tags have long guarantees and every other item is guaranteed for at least 12 months which means that any defects (excluding those arising from inappropriate use, or abuse, obviously) will be sorted out by us. We want our customers to be happy because when you are, so are we. 
If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback or requests please email us at hello@10STERLING.com. If you'd like to hear about our special offers and new products then please 'like' our Facebook page by clicking here: www.facebook.com/10STERLING
With kind regards & best wishes,
Clive Henderson - owner
Windsor,  United Kingdom

Contact us - email

Email us is the quickest way to get a response to a query, problem or request. Please send emails to:
hello@10STERLING.comWe aim to respond to all emails within 12 hours or less.
Please write to us at:
Suite 96
24-28 St Leonards Road
Please telephone us by calling from the UK, please call: 01753 861993. Callers from outside the UK should dial this number: +44 1753 861993. The originating phone numbers for phone calls made to 10STERLING are recorded for security. Note, phone calls made to this number where Caller ID has been concealed, or where it's unavailable, may not be connected. If you can only make a call on a phone line which has had its identity concealed then please contact us by email at: hello@10STERLING.com
If we are unable to speak to you please leave a message and contact telephone number. We aim to return your call within 24 hours.