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TUR45, Black Ceramic Edged Tungsten Mans RingFree Stainless Steel Dog Tag Keyring from 10STERLING.com10STERLING Gift Packaging Options

Black Ceramic Edged Men's Tungsten Ring

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5 out of 5 stars (1 Customer Review)

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Product Description

A mirror-polished tungsten ring with inlaid black ceramic for a very striking appearance. The ceramic has a rich, polished finish like the surface a black piano.Tungsten carbide is a beautiful grey metal, quite unlike any other, which is denser than either titanium, stainless steel or zirconium so it feels solid and weighty. It’s also a very hard material so while it can be scratched, it scratches far less than rings made from gold, silver, titanium or stainless steel. This ring has been inlaid with black ceramic. This is a hard, scratch-resistant material which we think looks cool and dramatic. Like our plain tungsten carbide rings, we recommend it's removed before hard manual work or before handling rough materials.
This ring is 7mm wide and is made with a court fit (also called comfort fit) which means it can be put on, and taken off, more easily because, while it's the correct size in the middle of the ring, it's slightly wider at the edges. This ring has a flat profile. This product can be delivered in either a neat fabric cloth pouch or, for a small extra charge, an attractive black and silver gift box. Please see picture opposite. If you'd like a gift box please choose it below. See our Product Care section for details on how best to look after your tungsten carbide ring.
Included FREE with this product is our stainless steel dog tag keyring on which we'll emboss your first name and a phone number so if you lose your keys then there's a good chance you'll get them back. Worth £6. 1 free dog tag keyring per basket.
This ring is available in European even sizes, 56 to 72, allowing you to find a ring that fits comfortably.
56 / 58 / 60 / 62 / 64 / 66 / 68 / 70 / 72 
OK, I'd like to buy. How do I order it?

1. We need to know your European ring-size measurement. Most people don't know it and that's cool because we'll help you find out what it is. Just below, where it says " Please Choose" select the box that says "Don't Know-Send Sizer" and when you've checked out, we'll send to the shipping address you give, by first class post and within 24hrs, a free, accurate, adjustable and specially designed ring-sizer that you can use to find out the right European size for your finger.
It's easy-to-use and it comes with clear instructions. When you've worked out what size you need, simply email us at rings@10STERLING.com with your order number and the size you'd like, and we'll confirm receipt of your email and confirm the ring size we're going to send you. We'll then send the ring to you in an attractive box. This way, you know your ring will fit comfortably. Easy peasy. If the ring you receive is the wrong size then we'll change it as long as it hasn't been worn and you return it within 7 days. We'll only charge you p&p, nothing else.
2. If you already know your European finger size then select it below where it says "Please Choose" and check out in the normal way.
As with everything else we sell, if you've got any queries feel free to email or phone us and we'll gladly help. See below for 10STERLING contact details. If you need this ring urgently then please call us to check availability - our number is at the top of
this page.



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Product Reviews

Product Reviews
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 01 August, 2012 By David Train
I am delighted about the excellent service as well as the fast processing of the orders. The ring is lovely and looks really great! I would definitly order again at 10sterling.com
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