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Help for Heroes
Posted on 14th November 2014
We make a donation to Help for Heroes for every 35mm UK Armed Forces tag we sell. We're pleased to say we've just been able to make a payment today for £108.00 (Nov 3, 2014) ... and we're now up-to-date, which feels good. More importantly we've done a bit to help a charity that does vital work to help heal wounded British warriors, mentally and physically. 

Thanks to all our customers who have bought a silver 35mm disc and who have therefore contributed to HfH which does such important work.
Postage Costs
Posted on 23rd January 2014
Following some very useful customer feedback, we've had a look at our postage costs and instead of having 3 bands for UK charges we've decided we should have 4 bands.
This means better value p&p for our lower-cost items such as men's and women's leather bracelets can now be delivered within the UK for just £2.00. Whoopee!
The 4 bands we now have for p&p are as follows:
- items up to £24.99 will be delivered within the UK for £2.00
- items from £25.00 - £45.99 will be delivered in the UK for £2.95
- items from £46.00 - £89.99 will be delivered in the UK for £3.75
- items costing £90 or more will be delivered in the UK for £5.95 to cover RM Special Delivery
So if you wanted tracked delivery for an item to be delivered on a weekday you won't need to do that if your item costs more than £90.00.
Adjustable Leather Cords for Silver Dog Tags
Posted on 19th December 2013
New for Dec 2013 ... a range of adjustable leather cords to fit 3 of our silver dog tags: the 45mm, 1.5" GI and 2.0" GI silver dog tags. These all use the same top-notch, 2.0mm-thick leather which is available in 5 colours:
- natural (a bit like suede - perfect on pale skin)
- pink (strictly for the girls)
- dark red (for Ferrari drivers)
- dark blue (to match those sexy blue eyes)
- black (looks good on everyone)
We used to sell leather cords with silver fittings but they were super-fiddly to make and quite costly. This new range doesn't use any silver so they can be priced lower and they look great, particularly for the more laid back look.
Aren't these the same as every other adjustable leather cord?
Hmm, yes and no. They're the same basic slip knot but we did a bit of R&D and found that the number of coils on the knot separates the really effective slip knot from the merely adequate. 
We found they work really well if each of the two slip knots has at least 5 wrap-around coils. The coiling of the slip knot allows it to grip the cord and keep the cord at the right length. We started with a 2-coil knot and while it worked OK, we found it had to be re-tightened every couple of days. 
OK, we realise it's not rocket science and we're certainly not about to apply to NASA for engineering jobs. But the verdict is clear: 5 is coils is better than 2. It will loosen up and will require re-tightening but not so often as a knot with fewer coils. It's basically down the longer "tunnel" that 5 coils creates which means there's more friction to both grip and to stay in place.
It's a good idea to tighten both cord knots every week so they're able to keep the cord to the length the wearer chooses.
How do you tighten our slip knot? Easy-peasy: grip the small 'tail' between the thumb & forefinger of one hand and the leather cord on the other side of the knot that DOESN'T move through the knot, i.e. the part which forms the knot. Gently tug these away from each other. Do this carefully and make sure the final knotted tail piece at the top of the coils doesn't get drawn into the coil "tunnel" - it needs to stay on top. Have a go and you'll get it. Do it weekly and your slip knot will stay grippy and function well.
How well do they work?
Truth be told we're rather impressed and we weren't sure we would be. We were slightly concerned that the whole adjustable leather cord thing was more "craft" than "jewellery". However, trial as shown us that they function well, they look good on our silver tags and they make owning a 10STERLING silver tag significantly more affordable. The leather we use is quality stuff that comes from Greece which, we've learned, is home to the world's best leather cord. Why that should be we've no idea but there it is.
The 5-coil knots grip well and keep the cord length remains constant. If they're tightened regularly, and kept clean and dry, then they'll do good service for months. Leather is a natural material and it will wear out over time. We reckon, however, that a single cord should last a minimum of 6mths if it's tightened regularly and (very importantly) if the wearer keeps it out of water.
Always remove the leather cord and silver dog tag before showering, bathing, swimming (especially in salt water which is super-bad for leather) etc. This will stop the leather from losing its natural oils and that means it'll retain its strength; that means it won't wear or snap prematurely. Capisci?
If you sweat a lot then take your cord off your neck at the end of each day and wipe it with a clean, damp cloth without using soap. Don't soak the leather but give it a single once-over wipe, dry it and then put it back on your (clean) body so it can draw oils from your skin and remain nourished.
The average cord will probably start to look worn after about 6 months, maybe less if the wearer sweats a lot and if the cord is regularly exposed to strong sunlight. When it no longer looks good you can either re-tie a new piece of leather or you can buy a silver chain from us. We've got a ongoing promotion to help ease this transition: if you buy any silver chain within 3mths of buying a leather corded silver dog tag then we'll give you the vaue of the cord back, i.e. £5.00. Just email us with your orginal order number or name and we'll email a discount coupon back to you.
If you fancy re-tying your own leather slip knot then have a look at this YouTube video of how it's done. We recommend about 120cm of 2.0mm-thick cord and we suggest tying it with 5 coils rather than 2. Don't expect to get it right first time - practice makes perfect etc. Give it a go and you'll be surprised how good it looks and how well it works.
New Silver Dog Tags
Posted on 12th December 2013
We in the UK (and many other places too) are currently experiencing tough economic times with the prices of many essentials like electricity, fuel, food, transport etc rising fast. It seems that everything that's really needed seems to be going up in price and for most people that means there's less to spend on gifts and treats. We know our silver dog tags are good value but we understand that when money's tight, our customers want exceptionally good in their jewellery purchases. 
So, what we've done is re-launch our range of silver dog tags that are fitted with leather cords by introducing 3 new products.
What's the deal?
Well, the new leather cords we're using no longer have silver fittings, which are all made to order by 10STERLING (which costs time and money), and this means the price can be reduced from £15.00 to £5.00 per leather cord.
The 3 new products we've launched this month (Dec 2013) are the 45mm silver dog tag:
the 1.5" GI silver dog tag:
and the 2.0" GI silver dog tag:
All these tags are fitted with ADJUSTABLE, 2.0mm-thick, leather cords which are available in one of 5 colours: natural leather; pink; blue; red or black. They're adjustable from 20" to 30" in length.
To be honest, we weren't sure if these were going to work. We were concerned they'd lose their grip, the dog tags would droop and that perhaps the knots would come apart. Having 'road tested' a few by wearing them for several weeks we're pleased to say these perform really well and are a worthy and good value replacement for our current range of more expensive silver fitted cords.
Three things make these good.
Firstly, we loop each of the two adjustable knots 5 times, which means the grip is really good. It will loosen up and will need to be tightened every week or so, but if you do that tightening regularly then the cord retains a good grip which means it stays the same size and the dog tag stays at the same height on your chest.
Secondly, we've found a range of 2.0mm-thick Greek leather cords (one thing Greece is very good at producing) which look good and feel super-comfortable.
Thirdly, we people to have a cheaper way of getting a silver dog tag rather tha having to pay more for a silver ball chain. But leather of course doesn't last forever and if you'd like to get a silver ball chain, and if you buy one within 90 days of buying the dog tag and leather cord, then we'll give you £5.00 off any silver chain. Just mention your original order number and we'll email you a discount coupon. As a major UK supermarket is fond of saying .... every little helps :-)
Christmas 2013 Offer & New Items
Posted on 6th December 2013
Seasons Greetings
... even if writing that on Dec 6 2013 is slightly ahead of time :-)
A couple of things in this blog:
1st, get a 12.5% discount by spending £180 or more before Dec 21st.
2nd, we've lots of new products that are perfect for Christmas 

To receive the discount, type XMAS (exactly as shown here) into the box immediately before you enter your credit card details and you'll receive a very useful 12.5% off your purchase. Valid for purchases of £180 or more until Dec 21st.

As for our new products ... well where do we start?!

New men's leather bracelets. We now have more than 60 great looking men's leather & steel bracelets with many new for this season starting from £19.00.... Have a peek here:
New women's leather bracelets. Choose from over 60 leather, steel, crystal and silver women's bracelets with many of the new range starting from £19.00....
New man's stainless steel dog tag items engraved and polished right here in Windsor. Ever fancied a polished, personalised GI dog tag bracelet? It's yours for £25.

A new man's or woman's sterling silver dog tag that won't break the bank and suitable for men & women. Yours for just £29.00

As always if you want info or advice on anything then don't hesitate to ask. That's why we get up in the morning!
The price of silver
Posted on 1st July 2011
When I was a kid growing up in Dundee, Scotland in the early 70s Id cringe when heard my mother discussing 'the price of: butter / bread / petrol / kids' clothes ... ' etc. My whole early childhood was lived amidst the lashing rain clouds of rising prices, unemployment and general economic despair. The 70s, of course, were the times of the oil shock, endless industrial unrest and many other things that to an 8yr old seemed distinctly gloomy and best avoided. But then it was Dundee and it was kind of a depressed / depressing place so that kind of outlook sort of went with the terrority and it wasn't an unrealistic view of the things, as far as they could be seen anyway. It's a much better place now in every way.
We thought we'd left those depressing times behind for good but that's turned out to be an illusion. This time, for me, the reality check of gloom and doom isn't the price of sugar but the price of silver. When we started 10STERLING a year ago silver was, as it's always been, an expensive material: desirable and sought-after for many things including jewellery. At £10 per oz the price was manageable. What's happened in the last year though? The price of silver has risen 100%. In fact, it's recently come DOWN to the point where it's now 100% more than it was a year ago - at one point it looked like it was going to rise to +200% v June 2010! Phew, close call.
It's not easy keeping prices sensible during these times and I worry what our customers think when they see the price of our silver dog tags edging ever upwards: I worry that they think we're being greedy. Our prices have gone up but I'm glad to say they've gone up a lot less than metal prices. We've shopped around and buy our own silver direct from refiners. We also try do so as many things as possible ourselves in our Windsor workshop to avoid adding costs to our silver dog tags: drilling, polishing, hallmarking, embossing and final assembly is all done by us. So if you're thinking of buying a tag from us and are wondering if it's good value then please check the weight of our products and the price per gram. Then compare that to other silver jewellery products. We think you'll be reassured.
Unique and exclusive hallmarked silver dog tags and jewellery at good-value prices. That's what we aim to offer.
Posted on 15th May 2011
This is our second post on our blog and the first since last October which is far from ideal considering how much has happened recently. OK, so what's the news?
Firstly our range has grown from 33 products to nearly 300. No longer do we simply have our range of cool embossed sterling silver dog tags (which, by the way, are unique in the world) but we now include all men's favourites: cufflinks; rings; loads of leather bracelets and neckwear; pendants (silver and steel); silver and steel chains & neckwear etc. I could go on but I won't. Let's just say if you're looking for a jewellery present for a man, you're going to find something good here.
We've got some entirely new stuff too such as our embossed stainless steel dog tag pendants that are, like our silver ones, unique in the world. These are made of two regular 0.6mm thick steel tags, permanently joined back-to-back, and then fitted with a copper and steel connector ring hung on a steel ball chain. How cool is that? There's loads of room for messages (romantic, silly, or soberly practical) and, at £17 and £18 (for 1.5" and 2.0" versions) they're great value and a sensible alternative to our beautiful, but obviously pricier, sterling silver dog tags. We also offer the 2.0" version as a keyring - again, a great value alternative to our cool silver one.
Secondly, we've just started our first sale. 30% off on a range of 14 great products until June 16th. Get in there!
What do men really think about jewellery as presents?
Posted on 12th October 2010

Let’s face facts, while blokes like lots of things, there are only two types of present that they’re going to drool over:

-  Stuff that makes them look and feel good. We’re talking clothes, shoes, jewellery and aftershave. That sort of stuff.
-  Things that speak to his inner "man": fast vehicles (cars & motorbikes - both good); weapons (regrettable yes, but true); tools (Screwfix has a peculiar, but undeniable, fascination for blokes); stuff featuring scantily clad women (no surprise there); substantial TVs.

Clearly a non-exhaustive list, but you get my drift.

A set of rubberwood nesting tables, a luxury duvet cover or an illuminated bathroom cabinet are definitely useful and, in most circumstances valued, but as presents they’re simply not going to get your bloke’s pulse racing.

You’re onto a real winner if you can combine something that looks good with something that makes them feel manly. That means something cool that acknowledges the possibility (however vague) that it might actually be genuinely necessary at some, who-knows-when, point in their lives.

We just never know what we’re going to come across while we’re out hunting and gathering for YOU and we won’t complain if you give us neat gear that covers every eventuality. Are chunky diving watches going out of fashion any time soon? Nope.

What man knows when he’ll be asked to wrestle an alligator? When he gets out the water he doesn’t want to find out he no longer knows how long it is ‘til Top Gear starts. Us blokes, we like to plan ahead!

Traditionally jewellery isn’t something that most men would rate as a “must have” - certainly not in the way women would but that’s only because men can be reluctant to go for gear that only appears to make them look good. Even if we are vain now and again it's not something we want broadcast, OK?

Though men can be as vain as women, most will try (unless they’re sure they can get away with it) to avoid looking vain. That means they prefer it if they’ve got a reason (OK, excuse) to own the gear they want and that’s where the practicality bit comes in and which brings us neatly to the subject of silver ID dog tag pendants.

A 10STERLING silver ID dog tag pendant both looks and feels great, and so will make your man feel great. Yet it also offers something practical, unique and personalised. He can have all his important details on it. It can remind of important people and events. It can tell him where his heart really lies. Choose yours in either solid hallmarked sterling silver or 24 carat gold-plated solid hallmarked sterling silver and you’ve got one present that ticks all his boxes.

Think he’ll be offended by you reminding him about his name and D.O.B.? No, it never crossed his mind. Think he’ll feel patronised by reminding him who the important people or things are in his life. No chance, us guys we like lists. He’ll love it … and he’ll love you for giving it to him.

After all if it’s good enough for hero army warriors, then it’s probably good enough for him too.