Men's Metal Bracelets

An attractive range of men's torcs, bangles and bracelets in silver, titanium and stainless steel. We particularly like our titanium torcs and stainless steel torcs because these can (with only a little effort) be altered by the wearer so that they fit the wearer's wrist very snugly which means they can be worn 24/7. It works for us :-)
Titanium is a super-light material that's also very strong. Our titanium torcs inlaid with silver are a great combination of metal colours that look really good together. Stainless steel has similar properties to titanium but has slightly more heft. Silver is a classic torc material that looks absolutely beautiful and will grow old (gracefully) with you. It's also fairly flexible and so it can be easily shaped to your wrist.
Every bracelet is offered with a free stainless steel dog tag keyring (worth £6) on which we'll emboss your first name and phone number. Good for reuniting lost keys and their owners. 
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