New Silver Dog Tags

Posted on 12th December 2013
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We in the UK (and many other places too) are currently experiencing tough economic times with the prices of many essentials like electricity, fuel, food, transport etc rising fast. It seems that everything that's really needed seems to be going up in price and for most people that means there's less to spend on gifts and treats. We know our silver dog tags are good value but we understand that when money's tight, our customers want exceptionally good in their jewellery purchases. 
So, what we've done is re-launch our range of silver dog tags that are fitted with leather cords by introducing 3 new products.
What's the deal?
Well, the new leather cords we're using no longer have silver fittings, which are all made to order by 10STERLING (which costs time and money), and this means the price can be reduced from £15.00 to £5.00 per leather cord.
The 3 new products we've launched this month (Dec 2013) are the 45mm silver dog tag:
the 1.5" GI silver dog tag:
and the 2.0" GI silver dog tag:
All these tags are fitted with ADJUSTABLE, 2.0mm-thick, leather cords which are available in one of 5 colours: natural leather; pink; blue; red or black. They're adjustable from 20" to 30" in length.
To be honest, we weren't sure if these were going to work. We were concerned they'd lose their grip, the dog tags would droop and that perhaps the knots would come apart. Having 'road tested' a few by wearing them for several weeks we're pleased to say these perform really well and are a worthy and good value replacement for our current range of more expensive silver fitted cords.
Three things make these good.
Firstly, we loop each of the two adjustable knots 5 times, which means the grip is really good. It will loosen up and will need to be tightened every week or so, but if you do that tightening regularly then the cord retains a good grip which means it stays the same size and the dog tag stays at the same height on your chest.
Secondly, we've found a range of 2.0mm-thick Greek leather cords (one thing Greece is very good at producing) which look good and feel super-comfortable.
Thirdly, we people to have a cheaper way of getting a silver dog tag rather tha having to pay more for a silver ball chain. But leather of course doesn't last forever and if you'd like to get a silver ball chain, and if you buy one within 90 days of buying the dog tag and leather cord, then we'll give you £5.00 off any silver chain. Just mention your original order number and we'll email you a discount coupon. As a major UK supermarket is fond of saying .... every little helps :-)
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