premium engraved titanium rings - details & how to order

All our premium, engraved titanium rings are made with a court-fit which means the ring is machined so that the diameter at the outer edges of the inside of the ring is slightly wider than the diameter in the centre of the inside of the ring. This means that the ring will both grip the finger appropriately and  be easy to put-on and take-off, which is perfect if you need to remove it frequently, e.g. for sport or work. This ring will be made and sent to you within 3 weeks of us receiving final confirmation of the required ring size.
Titanium is a beautiful material because while not only lightweight (click here for FAQs about our premium rings, including a density comparison) it's also super-strong and will never rust, corrode, discolour or wear out in the way some softer metals like gold can. This means it's perfect for taking and holding an intricate laser-engraved design. Wear will occur, as with all materials, but the engraved design will last a lifetime. Please note that the exposed polished parts of titanium rings will tend, over time, to take on a matte appearance: this is caused by nothing more than simple day-to-day rubbing. Any polished-finish titanium ring can generally, for a charge, be re-polished to make it shiny once more. If you have your own design which you'd like to have engraved on a ring then we can arrange that: please email us for details.
Your premium engraved titanium ring will be despatched in a complementary black-fabric gift pouch or, for a small extra cost, a smart black box plus a fabric pouch: the pouch can be useful for a wedding ceremony. Included free with this product is our stainless steel dog tag keyring on which we'll emboss your name and a phone number so if you lose your keys then there's a good chance you'll get them back and which is a useful addition to any bunch of keys. Most of our premium rings can be adjusted* so that if your finger size becomes larger in the future then the ring can be altered to fit.
* An additional charge applies for re-sizing
I like this premium engraved titanium ring and I want it. Please tell me how to get it.
This is what you need to do:
First ...                    purchase the ring by clicking on the previous browser window & following the steps
Second ... measure your finger size
Third ... tell us your ring size
Fourth ... receive your made-to-order ring in 3 weeks
Sounds easy. Hit me with the details. 
... the 7 steps to ring heaven ...
1.   Add the ring to your basket and if you want engraving on the inside (or outside if it's a plain ring) please tell us in the "Order Comments" box or email us with your order number. Please be sure to include a phone number so we can quickly contact you in case we need to confirm any details - this can mean your ring is made more quickly if we need to check details. Like all the customer details we collect it's completely safe with us.
2.   Right away, usually within 24hrs, we'll send you a free, accurate, plastic ring-sizer. This is yours to keep. We usually send this on the same day you place your order.
3.   Follow the enclosed instructions to find your UK ring-size and then email it to us at with your name & order number.
4.   We'll then send 2 x precision-made alloy ring sizers**. We charge a £10 deposit for these, which will be fully-refunded on return. Try them both to see which one fits best.
5.   Then, quoting your name & order number, email us at with the ring size you'd like. Return the alloy ring sizers in the pre-paid envelope, preferably by first-class post, and obtain a Certificate of Posting which is free from any UK Post Office.
6.   Your ring will be made and sent to you within 3 weeks and we'll include the deposit (in cash) for the alloy ring sizers if you've previously returned them.
7.   Receive your ring. Wear it. Love it.
** Not available to customers outside the U.K. Only an accurate plastic ring sizer will be sent to customers outside the U.K.