Product Care

We want you to LOVE wearing your 10STERLING jewellery, to enjoy showing it off and to get years of satisfaction from owning it.  Please read our recommendations for care so that you get the most from your purchase.

Caring for silver

All sterling silver products tarnish and lose their shine when they’re exposed to air and moisture. Sometimes this happens quickly, sometimes it happens slowly but sooner or later it WILL happen. In fact, if a silver product doesn't tarnish then it may not be made of silver. Tarnishing causes the silver to become dark and dull looking. This is completely natural and is easily remedied, particularly if done regularly. To keep your silver looking at its best, follow these simple steps.
1. Regularly clean your sterling silver item by first removing the item from its metal chain or cord, particularly if the latter is not silver: if it's silver then you can leave it attached. Then wash it by rubbing it with your fingers, or a soft cloth, in a solution of mild liquid soap and water. Liquid hand soap or washing up liquid is perfect for this. This will remove the oils and grime that come from wearing it next to your skin.
2. Rinse it thoroughly and dry. This is important as some liquid soaps contain salt which leaves marks on silver. Then polish using a special impregnated silver cleaning cloth, like the one below, which are sold on this site here Care & Service. Many other equally effective silver polishing cloth brands are sold in High St jewellers and some hardware stores including those made by Hagerty and Goddard's.

Be sure to polish from one end of the tag to the other in the same direction, backwards and forwards: don't polish in circles because this will reduce the level of shine that can be obtained. Change the part of the cloth in contact with the silver quite often. When the cloth goes black then it's still OK to use - don't throw it away. To polish a chain, fold over a piece of the cloth and gently but firmly pull the chain through from one end to the other several times.
It’s easier, and keeps your silver dog tag looking shinier longer, if this is done regularly. Never wash your silver polishing cloth or the impregnated cleaning compounds will be removed and it will cease to be effective.
If the silver dog tag isn't worn for an extended period, or it it's worn in very hot weather when the wearer is sweating heavily, then it can become very dull or discoloured quite quickly. This is due to the chemical make-up of skin oil and sweat which tarnishes silver. In this case, once you've cleaned the item in liquid soap, you need to use a silver dip such as Goddard’s Silver Dip or Hagerty Silver Clean. These products are widely available from High Street jewellers or from online shops. Liquid dips do what they claim to do: they work quickly to remove tarnish from all areas of the silver surface, including recessed areas. It should, however, be used sparingly and only when the item is badly tarnished because it's quite an aggressive cleaning solution. Examples of two liquid silver cleaning products are shown here:


3. Completely immerse the tag and chain (do not place either leather, stainless steel or titanium products into silver dip) and agitate the chain and tag with a plastic needle, plastic fork or wooden kebab skewer or similar for maximum cleaning effect.
4. After 1 minute or less remove the silver items and rinse thoroughly in clean water then dry.
5. Finally, buff to a bright shine with an impregnated silver cloth.
Bathing: showering or bathing in fresh water won't cause tarnish to develop more quickly: it makes no difference. But swimming in either chlorinated pools or the sea (which is full of salt) will speed up tarnishing. This can be removed by following the cleaning instructions above but it may require more polishing effort!
Other Views on Tarnishing
If you search for 'silver tarnishing' on the internet you'll get all the information contained above. Rest assured, silver tarnish is just one of those things. In fact, if a silver item doesn't tarnish then it’s quite likely not to be real silver. The exception is Argentium silver which is made by adding an alloy of germanium metal to the silver rather than copper, which is traditionally added to silver to impart greater strength.
Do NOT use harsh abrasives or cleaning compounds (e.g. bleach) or stiff brushes to clean your silver tag or silver chain as this can scratch the surfaces, damage the raised lettering of the tag and degrade the silver dog tag's appearance. For more information on the causes of silver tarnish click here Silver Tarnish or on the link at the bottom of the page.
Caring for your leather necklace, leather bracelet, leather neck cord
If you’ve chosen one of our leather products (necklace, bracelet or cord) then we strongly recommend that it’s kept out of water. It should be removed before you bath, shower or swim as repeated immersion will cause it to lose its natural oils and dry out. Drying out causes the cord to become less supple and less flexible and that means it loses strength and it can break more easily. When it needs cleaning, the leather cord should be wiped with a soft damp cloth, without soap or cleaners, and then wiped dry with a soft cloth. The closures on our necklaces and bracelets are made from stainless steel and they can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
Stainless Steel and Titanium chains and wristwear.
Both our stainless steel and titanium neck chains and wristwear are hard wearing and are unaffected by repeated exposure to water. If your stainless steel or titanium item becomes dirty it may be cleaned with a soft brush and soapy water without causing damage. It should not, however, be immersed in harsh domestic cleaning solutions (e.g. bleach) which can affect the surface appearance.
Tungsten Carbide, Titanium & Stainless Steel rings
Tungsten carbide is a very hard material but like every other metal, it's not completely scratch proof and care should be taken, as with all our rings, to keep it away from rough materials that can scratch it. Such materials include the exposed ceramic bases of coffee mugs or building materials like bricks. The same applies to titanium or stainless steel rings but even more so because these materials are not as scratch proof. Don't bring your man's ring into direct contact with these materials or scratching will result. Other than that there are no special care requirements for either tungsten, titanium or stainless steel.
Gilding Metal and Brass
Our brass chains and tags WILL tarnish. But there's nothing to worry about when they do because it's totally natural and they can be cleaned easily. When they lose their shine and darken, first use a liquid soap to remove the skin oils and grime. Then use either a brass polishing cloth (available from many ironmongers) to remove the tarnish and then buff with a soft cotton cloth. If you want to quickly remove the tarnish then pure lemon juice is an effective way to do that although it won't restore the shine. There are also a range of brass polishes and Brasso is very effective at restoring a high gloss shine: simply follow the instructions on the container.
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