Safety - Important

All products made & sold by 10STERLING have been made with great care and attention-to-detail to ensure they are comfortable and safe in normal use. However, care should be taken when wearing them. The following information is a guide to basic safety measures which should be considered while wearing our products.  
If you are wearing a metal chain or leather cord, ensure it is kept well away from machinery and other moving objects that could interfere with it and cause it to become tight around the wearer's neck as this could cause serious injury. 10STERLING will not be liable for accidents caused by exposing our jewellery products to forces and influences which lead to the wearer or others suffering injury.

If you're in any doubt about the safety of any jewellery item then we recommend removing it before undertaking any activity that could lead to any person, wearer or other, being exposed to danger. For safety, any jewellery item should (particularly those worn around the neck) be removed before undertaking exercise, engaging in any physical activity such as sport, or doing any other strenuous or adventurous activity.

For safety we recommend any neckwear, including silver dog tags, is removed before sleep.

Be aware that each of our sterling silver and stainless-steel BALL CHAINS has a small detachable component called a 'connector' which is used to join the ends of the chain. These are completely safe in normal use. However, they are designed to be detachable, as necessary, and are small enough to be swallowed, particularly by a child. This has the potential to cause serious injury through choking. Therefore, metal ball chains with these fittings are not appropriate for young children. They should not be given to any child where there is a risk that the child could detach and swallow this component.
If you have any questions related to safety then please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.