Posted on 15th May 2011
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This is our second post on our blog and the first since last October which is far from ideal considering how much has happened recently. OK, so what's the news?
Firstly our range has grown from 33 products to nearly 300. No longer do we simply have our range of cool embossed sterling silver dog tags (which, by the way, are unique in the world) but we now include all men's favourites: cufflinks; rings; loads of leather bracelets and neckwear; pendants (silver and steel); silver and steel chains & neckwear etc. I could go on but I won't. Let's just say if you're looking for a jewellery present for a man, you're going to find something good here.
We've got some entirely new stuff too such as our embossed stainless steel dog tag pendants that are, like our silver ones, unique in the world. These are made of two regular 0.6mm thick steel tags, permanently joined back-to-back, and then fitted with a copper and steel connector ring hung on a steel ball chain. How cool is that? There's loads of room for messages (romantic, silly, or soberly practical) and, at £17 and £18 (for 1.5" and 2.0" versions) they're great value and a sensible alternative to our beautiful, but obviously pricier, sterling silver dog tags. We also offer the 2.0" version as a keyring - again, a great value alternative to our cool silver one.
Secondly, we've just started our first sale. 30% off on a range of 14 great products until June 16th. Get in there!
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