Silver Baby Gifts

Sterling silver baby and christening gifts for baby girls and baby boys utilise our 1.5" silver dog tags and our 35mm UK silver dog tag discs. Both types of tag can be engraved* with lettering of your choice. Each baby-gift tag comes with cute baby blue or baby pink soft, velvet ribbon. All our silver dog tags are handmade in our Windsor workshop and are then brightly polished. These are unique baby gifts that can be enjoyed throughout the wearer's life, NOT just for a single day. When the baby grows into a young man or young woman they'll love wearing it and it'll be a permanent reminder of your love and affection. 
Please note that from June 2019 the round disc tags have their hallmarks on the back of the tag, and not on the front. The standard-size tags still have the hallmarks on the front for now. Please check out the images for the silver dog tag that you are interested in.
From February 2019 all purchases for U.K. delivery of £95 or greater will be delivered FREE. Sales of our silver discs help support the Help for Heroes charity
* all our dog tags are embossed, which means no metal is removed
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