Silver Dog Tags for Men

Silver Dog Tags for Men
When comparing our silver dog tags with those from other retailers we suggest you check weights and dimensions thoroughly. Not all silver dog tags and discs are created equal :-) Our GI tags and UK discs are hallmarked, which is a UK legal requirement for silver items which weigh more than 7.78g. So, if you see a tag described as 'silver' from another company that is not hallmarked, it means it weighs less than 7.78g and so it will be noticeably thinner or smaller compared to ours. 
Please note that from June 2019, all the full-size GI dog tags and the round disc tags have their hallmarks on the back of the tag and not on the front. The standard-size tags still have the hallmarks on the front for now. Please examine the images for the silver dog tag that you are interested in. 
From February 2019 all purchases for U.K. delivery of £95 or greater will be delivered FREE.
Want a less expensive, engraved* personalised dog tag? Please see our stainless steel dog tags.
If you think our silver dog tags would make a good (and alternative) baby gift then check out our silver dog tag baby gifts which feature the 1.5" silver dog tag and the 35mm UK Armed Forces silver dog tag. These make great gifts because the tag will not only be loved by the baby but also, when the baby grows up, it will be loved and worn by the adult man or woman they've become. That means it can be a permanent reminder of your love and affection, not just something looked at occasionally.
Seeking a personalised silver keyring? Have a look at our 2.0" silver dog tag keyring for a precious, personalised dog tag keyring gift.
Want to handle one of our silver dog tags BEFORE you buy one? Not a problem. For the cost of just £3.00 (assuming you send it back to us) we'll send you either a 1.5" silver dog tag, a 2.0" silver dog tag, or a 35mm silver dog tag disc. Each has a short silver ball chain attached showing you exactly what you'll receive if you buy a personalised silver dog tag. See product pages for more details.
* all our dog tags are embossed, which means no metal is removed
** Sales of our UK silver discs help support the Help for Heroes charity
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