The price of silver

Posted on 1st July 2011
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When I was a kid growing up in Dundee, Scotland in the early 70s Id cringe when heard my mother discussing 'the price of: butter / bread / petrol / kids' clothes ... ' etc. My whole early childhood was lived amidst the lashing rain clouds of rising prices, unemployment and general economic despair. The 70s, of course, were the times of the oil shock, endless industrial unrest and many other things that to an 8yr old seemed distinctly gloomy and best avoided. But then it was Dundee and it was kind of a depressed / depressing place so that kind of outlook sort of went with the terrority and it wasn't an unrealistic view of the things, as far as they could be seen anyway. It's a much better place now in every way.
We thought we'd left those depressing times behind for good but that's turned out to be an illusion. This time, for me, the reality check of gloom and doom isn't the price of sugar but the price of silver. When we started 10STERLING a year ago silver was, as it's always been, an expensive material: desirable and sought-after for many things including jewellery. At £10 per oz the price was manageable. What's happened in the last year though? The price of silver has risen 100%. In fact, it's recently come DOWN to the point where it's now 100% more than it was a year ago - at one point it looked like it was going to rise to +200% v June 2010! Phew, close call.
It's not easy keeping prices sensible during these times and I worry what our customers think when they see the price of our silver dog tags edging ever upwards: I worry that they think we're being greedy. Our prices have gone up but I'm glad to say they've gone up a lot less than metal prices. We've shopped around and buy our own silver direct from refiners. We also try do so as many things as possible ourselves in our Windsor workshop to avoid adding costs to our silver dog tags: drilling, polishing, hallmarking, embossing and final assembly is all done by us. So if you're thinking of buying a tag from us and are wondering if it's good value then please check the weight of our products and the price per gram. Then compare that to other silver jewellery products. We think you'll be reassured.
Unique and exclusive hallmarked silver dog tags and jewellery at good-value prices. That's what we aim to offer.
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