What do men really think about jewellery as presents?

Posted on 12th October 2010
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Let’s face facts, while blokes like lots of things, there are only two types of present that they’re going to drool over:

-  Stuff that makes them look and feel good. We’re talking clothes, shoes, jewellery and aftershave. That sort of stuff.
-  Things that speak to his inner "man": fast vehicles (cars & motorbikes - both good); weapons (regrettable yes, but true); tools (Screwfix has a peculiar, but undeniable, fascination for blokes); stuff featuring scantily clad women (no surprise there); substantial TVs.

Clearly a non-exhaustive list, but you get my drift.

A set of rubberwood nesting tables, a luxury duvet cover or an illuminated bathroom cabinet are definitely useful and, in most circumstances valued, but as presents they’re simply not going to get your bloke’s pulse racing.

You’re onto a real winner if you can combine something that looks good with something that makes them feel manly. That means something cool that acknowledges the possibility (however vague) that it might actually be genuinely necessary at some, who-knows-when, point in their lives.

We just never know what we’re going to come across while we’re out hunting and gathering for YOU and we won’t complain if you give us neat gear that covers every eventuality. Are chunky diving watches going out of fashion any time soon? Nope.

What man knows when he’ll be asked to wrestle an alligator? When he gets out the water he doesn’t want to find out he no longer knows how long it is ‘til Top Gear starts. Us blokes, we like to plan ahead!

Traditionally jewellery isn’t something that most men would rate as a “must have” - certainly not in the way women would but that’s only because men can be reluctant to go for gear that only appears to make them look good. Even if we are vain now and again it's not something we want broadcast, OK?

Though men can be as vain as women, most will try (unless they’re sure they can get away with it) to avoid looking vain. That means they prefer it if they’ve got a reason (OK, excuse) to own the gear they want and that’s where the practicality bit comes in and which brings us neatly to the subject of silver ID dog tag pendants.

A 10STERLING silver ID dog tag pendant both looks and feels great, and so will make your man feel great. Yet it also offers something practical, unique and personalised. He can have all his important details on it. It can remind of important people and events. It can tell him where his heart really lies. Choose yours in either solid hallmarked sterling silver or 24 carat gold-plated solid hallmarked sterling silver and you’ve got one present that ticks all his boxes.

Think he’ll be offended by you reminding him about his name and D.O.B.? No, it never crossed his mind. Think he’ll feel patronised by reminding him who the important people or things are in his life. No chance, us guys we like lists. He’ll love it … and he’ll love you for giving it to him.

After all if it’s good enough for hero army warriors, then it’s probably good enough for him too.


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