Dog Tags & Keyrings

All GI dog tags in this category are based on US-army style tags that measure 50mm x 28mm. Many other websites also offer GI tags but we offer you something extra: shiny polishing. All tags (except the aluminium discs) are given either one or two professional polishes. This means all regular shaped GI tags have at least a close-to-mirror finish while the double-thick dog tags receive two polishes for an ultra shiny finish. You can see your face in these :-)
New for November 2015 is an aluminium UK Armed Forces dog tag. This has the same dimensions as our silver UK disc tag but being made of unpolished aluminium means we can offer it at a great price. We also offer this with the option to add image stamps to make it super personal.
  •   As far as we know, we're the only company that professionally polishes engraved* (personalised) men's stainless steel and brass dog tags to a shiny, high-gloss finish. Whether as a standard set of GI dog tags; a... more info
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  •   Our range of Keyrings and Luggage Tags (suitable for men and  women) is based on our 2.0" stainless steel, US-made, GI dog tags; our silver 52mm full-size dog tag; a textured stainless steel money clip; and matching keyring by... more info
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