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El Dorado UK Dog Tag & Chain

Price Starting at: £16.00

4.5 out of 5 stars (2 Customer Reviews)

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Product Description

Like our sterling silver GI dog tags, this is unique to 10STERLING. Made in our Windsor, UK workshop this single dog tag & chain is made from gilding metal (95% copper, 5% zinc) and is modelled on the UK Armed Forces' dog tag. The 35mm disc is the same diameter as the UK Forces' dog tags with an identically sized chain hole. But, while official UK dog tags are engraved ours are embossed, which means no metal is removed. At 1.0mm thick, our tags are twice as thick as the UK military tags. Though NOT gold, it really look as if it is but is priced at 1/30th the price of the 9 carat-gold equivalent!
The El Dorado dog tag thickness is 1.0mm. Our brass chains are made in the USA. The main brass chain is available in any length from 18" - 30", just select below which length you'd prefer, and the length of the short chain is a standard 5.5". The weight of each tag is 9.0g and the whole set weighs 28.0g. In comparison a £2 coins weighs 12.5g. The 10STERLING name is stamped on the back of each tag in 1.5mm high letters.

TARNISH. Note, like any copper-based alloy these tags will tarnish naturally with exposure to air and skin oils which is perfectly normal. However, they're easily cleaned and it's very satisfying to bring them back to a lustrous shine. To help with this we include a free brass polishing cloth with every El Dorado dog tag set which will remove tarnish. After cleaning with this cloth, the dog tag should be buffed with a soft cotton cloth to bring out the shine. Brasso gives an even better result. Click the Product Care link below for more details. Both tags are handmade from gilding metal, not machine cut, and they look like it - no two are exactly identical. While the tags can be fully lettered, they can also be ordered bright-polished without any lettering, which also looks great.

There's room for 5 lines of lettering (note, all letters are CAPITALISED & each line is CENTRED) on each El Dorado tag. Lines 1-3 can accommodate 12 characters, line 4, 10 characters and line 5 has room for 8 characters. For info, the official UK Forces' dog tags usually have: surname, initials, blood group, forces number, religious preference, and RAF number (for RAF only). You can, of course, have whatever information you want as long as it fits. The official information is centralised on UK forces' dog tags and that's what we recommend though if you want it embossed differently then it can be done - please email us.
This product is priced to come in a clear plastic pouch without gift packaging. For a small charge we can supply a 10STERLING-branded black-fabric pouch. If you'd like a gift-box (no fabric pouch) please choose from either a black & silver gift box or, to really impress, a luxury high-gloss wooden gift box (no fabric pouch). See pictures opposite. Please click on the "Gift Box" option below to make your choice.

This handmade product will normally be despatched within 7 (seven) working days (i.e. Mon-Fri). Sometimes we're able to make this product more quickly so if you need it urgently please email us and we'll quickly let you know if we can do that.
Try out your chosen words with our live tag preview. The lines you choose will be the lines on the tag where text is placed. For plain bright-polished unmarked tags please leave this blank. Note, the tag preview only works for the upper tag in a double-set. However, you can use this to see how it looks with the text for both tags. When you've worked out what text you'd like, enter the text for the upper-tag in the top part and the text for the lower-tag in the part that says "Lower Tag / Side 2". The "Side 2" refers to our double-thick stainless tags only and isn't relevant here.
When you're happy with how it looks click "Add to Basket". The letters & symbols you've typed will be added to your order & your El Dorado UK Armed Forces dog tag set will be made. All text will be centralised.
Ref: UKDT_Sgle_CB Manufactured by: 10STERLING

Product Reviews

Product Reviews
4.5 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars Thursday 31 May, 2012 By sharon jones
super shiny looks just like gold. nice gift for the b/f
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 31 May, 2012 By Carl Hutton
Stunning looking. Also different. LIke it