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Euro Multisizer

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Product Description

This is a patented finger measurer for quickly and accurately determining the European ring-size of your finger. It's inexpensive; it's easy to use; it comes with a set of simple & clear instructions written by us (i.e. it's tried & tested); it's re-usable many times*; and it's posted on the day of order by 1st class post (p&p included in price) so you'll receive it quickly. Returns / refunds for this sizer can't be accepted if the finger measurer packet has been used or the packet has been opened.
If you purchase a ring from us and in the ring-size drop-down menu, you select "Don't Know-Send Sizer" then we'll automatically send you one of these FREE so you can measure your finger. 
However, if you want to know your size first, before you buy a ring, then this gizmo gives you the opportunity to do that at little cost. Some people like it this way and that's cool by us. If you know for sure your European ring size (unfortunately and confusingly, it's completely different to the UK ring-size) then you can select the size that's right for you when you buy your ring and you don't need one of these devices.
If I buy a ring and it's not the right size, can I return it for an exchange? Absolutely you can - that's totally fine. The only thing you'll have to pay for is the cost of safe p&p for sending it back to us.
Can I return a ring for a refund if I don't like it when I try it on? You certainly can and you don't need to explain why you don't like it either. As as long as you don't wear it except, obviously, to try it on, i.e. as long as it's unmarked and completely re-saleable then you can return it. If you send it back to us then we won't refund the p&p cost we incurred sending it to you. But, if you got a free ring-sizer from us we won't charge you for it. That's yours to keep, on us. Who knows, maybe you'll come back to us for a ring at some point.
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Product Reviews

Product Reviews
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars Monday 22 October, 2012 By J Koss
Did what I needed it to :-)