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Keyring & Luggage Dog Tag Set - Save £4Keyring & Luggage Dog Tag Set 2

Keyring + Luggage 2.0" Stainless Dog Tag Set - Save £5

Price Starting at: £19.00

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Product Description

This is a set comprising 1 x US-army specification 2.0" x 1.125" stainless steel tag with 2 x 24mm split rings attached to turn it a smart, lightweight keyring plus the same kind of tag with an 8.0" (20cm) x 3.0mm-thick stainless steel ball chain to make it a perfect man's executive luggage tag. Each tag has room for 5 lines of engraved* text. Both our stainless dog tags and stainless ball chains are manufactured in the USA for quality and sourced direct. This product is unique to 10STERLING. Note, the chain isn't polished and has a satin finish.
Both tags are perfect for formal details, romantic or funny messages, gentle home-truths or I.C.E (in case of emergency) details. The keyring fill hold lots of keys with its strong stainless split rings. The luggage tag is ideal for an executive briefcase, manbag or aeroplane car and is securely hold on with a 6.0" detachable stainless steel ball chain. This is designed for attachment to bags that will travel in the passenger cabin and it isn't designed to be checked-in as hold luggage or to go through airport systems where it could get pulled off by a conveyor belt: it will break if pulled hard, just like the tag neck chains. Buying these gotether in this set will save £5 against buying them separately.
Each tag is 0.3mm thick in the middle and 0.6mm thick round the outside. Note, this means they're both strong but relatively thin. This is because it's not possible to emboss a thicker stainless steel dog tag: note though, this is the same thickness as the US military dog tags. At 4.3g each tag (excl chain or split rings) they're also lightweight (a £1 coin weighs 9.5g) but tough too and they'll last forever and look good for a long time with a little care. If you want heavier a heavier dog tag then please check out our thick stainless dog tag keyring (1.2mm thick) which can be made into a luggage tag: please email us for details.
Each dog tag is this set is given a single polish in our Windsor workshop to create a shiny finish: its not quite as highly polished as our thick tags (which are polished twice) but it's a near-mirror finish which looks great. The polishing also makes the steel dog tags feel silky smooth. Both tags can be plain or personalised (on one side) with up to 5 lines of text (note, all letters are CAPITALISED) with 15 characters per line, incl spaces.
This product is delivered in a free protective plastic pouch. Other packaging options are available including a 10STERLING-branded black-fabric pouch. If you'd like a gift-box (no fabric pouch) please choose from either a black & silver gift box or, to really impress, a luxury high-gloss wooden gift box. See pictures opposite. Please click on the "Gift Box" option below to make your choice. 
DESPATCH of this handmade product is usually within 7 (seven) working days (i.e. Mon-Fri). DELIVERY is usually 1-2 working days after despatch in the UK. Need it urgently? Please email us and we'll tell you what's possible. Click Product Care to see details of secure tracked delivery, available in the UK.
* all our dog tags are embossed, which means no metal is removed
Try out your chosen words with our live tag preview. The lines you choose will be the lines on the tag where text is placed. The Text menu below (left / centred / right) only tells us only how you want the text laid out (horizontally) on the lines you've chosen; it does NOT alter the vertical position of the lines which means that the lines on which you place text above will be the lines on which text appears on the tag: if you've put text on Line 2 above then it'll appear on Line 2 of the tag. For a plain polished unmarked tag leave this blank. When you're happy with how it looks & you're ready to purchase, click "Add to Basket". The letters & symbols you've typed will be added to your order & your stainless steel dog tag keyring will be made.
Be sure to use the 'Text' layout selector below to tell us how you want the words aligned on your steel dog tag: selecting this won't change the appearance of what you type into the live tag preview but it is captured for inclusion in your order. If you don't choose a text position we'll arrange the words in the way that looks best. All letters are capitalised, LIKE THIS. Lower-case letters are not available. If you require a special layout, e.g. with unusual spacings in some of the lines, please email us at help@10sterling.com and we'll tell you what's possible.
Ref: KR_LT Set Manufactured by: 10STERLING

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