Titanium & Platinum, £289 - £795

Titanium inlaid with 950 platinum makes a stunning and modern combination that brings out the best in each material. Titanium forms the major part of each of these rings and has attributes that makes it superb as a material for mens wedding rings including cool jewellery pieces.
1st, it’s very strong which means it'll wear well and won’t have its shape distorted by the blows and clangs of day-to-day life. Its strength also means it can be machined into designs that wouldn't be stable for softer metals like gold or silver.
2nd, it has a distinctive colour, different to other metals, which looks cool, particularly when finished in a matte or satin finish.
3rd, titanium rings are super-light: the metal is significantly less dense than gold or silver and also less dense than tungsten carbide, zirconium or steel: if you're buying this as a wedding ring it won't burden you - you'll barely notice you have it on!
The addition of precious 95% platinum makes these highly desirable pieces.


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