Silver Dog Tags from £25

Here's a range of masculine, appropriately sized and weighted, silver dog tags. Choose from either the US army style model in either 52mm length, or the 3/4-sized version of the same tag in 38mm length for a more discreet look. Or, as a cool alternative, choose the 35mm UK Armed Forces silver dog tag disc which is good looking, cool and, because it's round, is super-comfortable to wear.
Please note that from June 2019, all the full-size GI dog tags and the round disc tags have their hallmarks on the back of the tag and not on the front. The standard-size tags still have the hallmarks on the front for now. Please examine the images for the silver tag that you are interested in.
From February 2019 all purchases for U.K. delivery of £95 or greater will be delivered FREE.
By all means have a look at the silver dog tags on other websites but be sure to check dimensions and weights. When it comes to embossed silver dog tags 10STERLING leads the pack.  All silver dog tags are NOT created equal :-)